Call for Papers 

  • The editors are largely accountable for ensuring that the journal continues to uphold its reputation and maintain its integrity.
  • The editor needs to have a bird's eye perspective to prevent providing incorrect information. Immediately after discovering the mistake, the editor is obligated to take the necessary steps to correct it by issuing an update.
  • In matters of reviewing and editing policy, the editor is obligated to adhere to the policy guidelines that have been supplied by the publisher.
  • The editors are responsible for keeping a careful eye on the journal to ensure that the process is conducted in a manner that is fair, timely, comprehensive, and courteous.
  • The editor is accountable for the entire development and progression of the magazine; hence, it is the editor's responsibility to ensure that the issue is released promptly.
  • For the expansion of the journal, the editor takes the necessary steps to include all of the key advancements in the area.