Parents' Attendance of School Meetings and Pupils' Academic Performance in Selected Primary Schools in Kyotera Town Council, Uganda


  • Ibrahim Ssenkasi Islamic University in Uganda
  • Amina Hassan Islamic University in Uganda


meetings, academic performance, parents, primary school


The purpose of this study was to establish the relationship between parents’ attendance of school meetings and pupils’ academic performance in selected primary schools in Kyotera Town Council. The researchers adopted a cross-sectional survey design where both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used. Census and purposive sampling technique were used to select a sample of 71 teachers, 8 Members of the PTA, and 8 SMC members of the selected schools. The major instruments used in the study were a Likert scale type questionnaire which was filled by teachers as well as an interview guide for head teachers, PTA executives and SMC members. Validity of the research instruments was computed and results were found to be .86 while the reliabilityobtained was .948. The research utilized descriptive statistics to analyze data was which presented in form of tables with frequencies and percentages. Equally, a Pearson Product Moment correlation was used to establish the relationship between variables. From the findings, the correlation between attendance of meetings and academic performance was found to be moderate (r = .433, p< 0.01). Thus, the study recommends that the parents and teachers associations (PTA) should ensure that parents attend school meetings regularly, parents should also be sensitized about their role as guidance and counselling providers to their children and government should set in motion adequate measures and policies to enable the parents provide their children with basic school requirements.